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Custom Books


Modelled after your product

Create a custom Ruckus Book to promote your brand

Why not do something remarkable for your brand by creating a promotional item that stirs things up a little. Create a custom 3-D book about your product that people can not only read, but smell and touch too. Because when something stirs the senses, the impression lasts.

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Retail Books


Customers will love to share these delights

Ruckus Books in your store do their own attention grabbing

People can’t help but gravitate towards a Ruckus Book. It’s a multi-sensory delight in a sea of read-only experiences. It’s a chance for your customers to delve into a favorite topic or give a fun and unique gift. When a Ruckus Book is in hand, it brings a smile. People enjoy the experience – and they know it’s something worth sharing.

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