Create a stir for your brand with a custom Ruckus Book.

Looking for a way to create some lasting buzz for your product? Deliver the unexpected! A Ruckus Book puts your brand in your potential customers’ hands in a fun and informative way. Your story is made memorable through a book that looks like anything but! The inside of a watch with moving parts, a delicious-smelling box of chocolates, or maybe a bottle of hot sauce! It becomes a unique, multi-sensory experience with a 3D book that is customizable by limitless shapes, sizes, materials, smells and more. And our book design team will work with you to make sure your Ruckus Book is the perfect expression of your brand.

Spirits book and glass

Shape, Size 3D

Create a book or product catalog in the shape of your product or something else unique about you. Play with perspective and make a tiny product large or a big one small. Or get creative with a cover that looks like your product beautifully packaged. The possibilities are endless.

Cake Book


The texture is an element that really makes people smile. Engage the senses with materials that mimic your product or inject a little creativity (or humor!) with something fun and see what happens!

Purse Book


If your product smells great, why not promote it? Our production team can translate virtually any scent into a long-lasting book feature. You’ll be giving a gift that’s instantly intriguing and always noteworthy.

Purfume Book


We know your finished Ruckus Book needs to unquestionably enhance your brand, so we’re always mindful of the quality of our book production. Contact us to receive samples of our books to experience it for yourself.

Cheese Book

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How to order custom books

(Corporate Customers Only)

  1. Whether you‘re starting with a book idea or just have some final objectives in mind, we‘ll work with you to create a Ruckus Book to impress! Give us a call to get started:

    Phone: 905.680.6865
    Email: [email protected]

  2. Once we know your book specs, we’ll get an estimate out to you. We can proceed to editorial and design once the estimate is approved and a deposit is received.

  3. The design phase begins, which may be a simple packaging of your print-ready components, or you may want us to do more of the design work needed.

  4. As soon as the design is approved, we’ll get your book into production.

Stihl Custom Book