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Whether you serve a niche market or a more general readership, purchases for gift giving should always be a significant revenue stream. Ruckus Books are the gift choice that practically jump off the shelves! Eye-catching in shape, compelling in subject matter and even appealing in scent - customers know it’s a fun, specialty gift that will be a big success.

Music book

Shape, Size 3D

Ruckus Books come in every shape imaginable. In fact, what makes them so unique is that they come in shapes that no one has ever imagined! A book that looks like a jar of jam, or a row of cigars or a woman’s shoe! The possibilities are truly endless.

Shoe Book


The reading experience is made irresistible with unexpected and inviting cover textures. A book on the NFL that feels like a football or one on the history of music that feels just like a vinyl LP. These are cover stories that sell!

Gardening Book


Beguile your readers by appealing to all the senses. Books with the delicate scents of things like chocolate, berry jam or floral perfume. Aficionados will appreciate specialty books with a hint of the scents they love, like cigars or brandy.

Flowers Book


Ruckus Books are bound to please again and again with their high production values and robust materials. Our great quality can also be found in our service – we have an advanced system to fulfill and ship orders quickly and accurately.

Baseball Book

A long shelf life in quality, a short shelf life in inventory!

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Proven experts in book distribution

Ruckus Books uses a state-of-the-art order fulfillment facility with thousands of square feet of warehousing space and a 250-strong team to process orders quickly and accurately. We work with our sister company, Book Depot, for distribution. With over 20 years of experience, they are performance-proven in getting orders delivered on schedule.

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